Marvell Club Hotel & Apartments

Free Bottle of wine & fruit on second day of stay in the room

if the hotel booking is done by website

Marvell Club Hotel & Apartments offers you all the advantages of a hotel and the independence of a summer holiday in an apartment.

Rent & Go – Scooter

100€ for 5 days

20% discount

Discover the island of Ibiza on two wheels. Scooter rental for incredible  low prices. We always meet you with a smile, good service and new scooters. …

Holiday rental

Rental for the best prices

Holidays rental from the most amazing villas to the cheapest apartment on the island for the best prices.

Boat & Yacht rental

Rental boat and yacht for the best prices

Local Club Ibiza provides you with the best prices from the cheapest boats to most luxury yachts.

Car rental

Coming soon

Coming soon!